A city built on a vision
Sep. 20-27
Hall 27
Booth C.05

Thermo King and Frigoblock’s
shared vision on the future
of refrigerated transport —
Presented at IAA 2018.

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A city showcasing
the future of

Thermotopia is built on a vision. The idea that cities can flourish, providing both quality of life for residents and growth for business.

At our IAA booth, we present the technologies and solutions that help transport companies play their part – staying ahead of regulation and delivering peace of mind.

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What you can find at our booth

IAA never fails to deliver on big reveals and tantalizing ideas. At our Thermotopia booth, you can discover the technologies that will make out the future of not only transport temperature control, but transport altogether.

An exclusive new product
marking our answer to
the electrification trend
A myriad of sustainable innovations
enabling you to stay compliant,
wherever you go
Our take on connected
helping you to monitor,
intervene and optimize
And much, much more
from aftermarket products
to our T-series updates

it for yourself

Do you want to keep your peace of mind in a rapidly changing world? Do you want to play your part in achieving a livable urban environment for everyone?

Enter the world of Thermotopia at the Thermo King and Frigoblock booth.

Sep. 20-27
Hall 27
Booth C.05